Robert MATTHEY founds the MAGAFOR company in Paris. He is of a Swiss family, from Vallorbe, which has traditionally manufactured high quality precision tools.
Under his leadership MAGAFOR becomes the european specialist in centre drills, while developing its own range of cutting tools.

Eight sons and daughters of the founder join the company successively. They transform it into a first-rank industrial firm. MAGAFOR being the world leader in the production of centre drills, now.
Already well installed with a mixture of know-how and innovation, the third MATTHEY generation is taking over. For a short time two young MATTHEY's from the fourth generation join the company. Their mission: to assimilate - perform and innovate.
A second production center is becoming busy in Marne la Vallée (Paris East). This is a first rank technological factory dedicated to the mass production of top quality cutting tools.
Today MAGAFOR is recognized as a leader in the production of precision cutting tools. We wish to associate all our collaborators to this success. Day after day, during more than 70 years, they have offered you their know-howand creativity.